Drop Forging

Drop forging is the process in which you heat metal and shape it using a metal die-cast to produce products. Many manufacturers use this particular process to manufacture strong and durable parts for a wide range of industries. These parts can be created from various types of metal such as aluminium, brass and various grades of steel.

There are two types of drop forging. These include open-die drop forging and closed-die drop forging.

Open-die drop forging

Open die forging is the process of reshaping a piece of metal between multiple dies that do not completely enclose the metal. After every press of the die, the metal takes a new shape. This process is usually used for large, less intricate parts.

drop forging

Closed-die drop forging

Closed-die forging is what we believe to be the most popular method of forging. This is because it allows manufacturers to produce smaller and more intricate parts. These may include but are not limited to: seat belt buckles, climbing gear and spanners.

These smaller parts are formed by heating, pressing and hammering the metal into die casts. Usually, after this process is carried out it will be completed using a sanding machine as well as specialist tools to make them smooth.

Which industries require drop forging?

Many industries require drop forging. These industries include aerospace, automotive. All of these industries require strong and durable parts to produce safe and effective methods of transport. Other industries which require drop forging include medical, oil & gas, military and agriculture.